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Cocokind Matcha Face Moisturizer Stick

This luxurious Matcha face moisturizer Stick is practical for shoppers who are searching for an all-over moisturizer for their eyes and lips, the Stick comes in 0. Form which means that it can help keep your under eyes look sleek and smooth, additionally, it contains 0. 5 oz of nourishing Matcha for a long and healthy eye look.

Cocokind Matcha Face Moisturizer Stick Ebay

This is a delicious and scintillating Matcha face moisturizer Stick for keeping your under eyes digging radiant and hydrated, the Stick comes in an 0. 5 oz, container and says it's for use on face and hands. It's a bit like a thick textured cream that flows over your skin and matches the natural color of your under eyes, i desire the surrogate that this Stick feels and looks - it's rich and creamy and will help to keep your under eyes scouring looks radiant. This product is in like manner a good for use on the hands to help keep your skin digging naked without any makeup, this Matcha face moisturizer Stick is a delicious, rich, and exotic surrogate to keep your under eyes searching hydrated and radiant. The all-over moisturizer Stick for under eyes is a must-have for folks who covet to keep their eyes healthy and hydrated, this Stick comes in at 0. 5 oz, and works excellent for users who wish to keep their under eyes hydrated without is a luxurious, all-over moisturizer Stick that matches the skin of your eyes down to the creases, it's made with matcha, a type of tea tree oil which helps to focus attention on the eyes and our Matcha moisture Stick will help to improve the elasticity and water absorption of your eyes' lid, leaving you digging and feeling refreshed. This is a new all-over moisturizer Stick for under eyes lips 0, it's a light stick, so it's basic to hold and use. It's also so you can use it on your fullest lips and any areas that are dry or thin, this Stick will keep them digging beautiful, like the image to the right.