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La Mer Face Moisturizer

La Mer is a new brand that grants a cool reputation, this La Mer face moisturizer is their new, special product. It's an 0, 24 oz (one ml) version of the La Mer soft cream. It's small, but it's going to go down really quickly! This soft cream will help to keep the face hydrated and feeling soft and hydrated.

Best La Mer Face Moisturizer

La Mer is a luxurious serum that became a hallmark of high quality and beauty, this time, they are releasing a new version with a new face moisturizer. La Mer the revitalizing hydrating serum 30 ml is a luxurious and natural substitute to keep your skin digging gorgeous, this serum is a rich mixture of natural ingredients that help to soothe and nourish the skin, creating a long-lasting testified of quality and value. This La Mer face moisturizer is a must-have for any face look, with 0. 5 oz of moisturizing cream, you can make sure your skin is keeping track of the value while you're on the go, plus, the new seal means that this cream will never be used up. and the 0, 5 oz is 15 ml which is a very small amount so it won't add up. La Mer is a luxury company that produces high-quality skin care products, their face moisturizers and face wash are terrific example of their quality and performance features. This La Mer face cream is no different, it is a small, 0. 24 oz, 7 ml face moisturizer that makes it a sensational travel size. It is fabricated with La mer's high-quality ingredients and performance features, this cream is sure to give you skin that hydrated and hydrated effects. This La Mer the cream 2 oz is a sensational choice to keep your skin hunting healthy and radiant, it offers medium to high concentration of hydration, making it an enticing alternative for suitors with dry or moist skin. This moisturizer is produced of merlot vinegar and spice and located in the nose.